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Your membership in Oikocredit Canada helps us to change the conversation about development and finance. We want to engage in a dialogue with Canadians about how investment can impact the lives of millions of poor and low-income people in the developing world. Too often Canadians think that the only solution to global poverty is charity. But Oikocredit supporters and investors know that there is a different way of addressing this challenge. We believe that providing investment in a spirit of solidarity will help to create the opportunity to lift millions of people out of poverty. 

Your membership will help to provide the resources and build the networks for us to get the word out.

It will also provide you with invitations to all of our events, such as featured speakers from our developing country partners, Oikocredit international study tours, and our local events where you can meet likeminded investors and supporters of Oikocredit. 

The cost is only $25.

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